Elder Kevin R. Duncan

Elder & Sister Kevin R. Duncan

General Authority Seventy

Elder Kevin R. Duncan was sustained as a General Authority Seventy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on April 3, 2010. At the time of his call, he had been serving as a member of the Fifth Quorum of the Seventy in the Utah South Area. He is currently serving at Church headquarters as an Assistant Executive Director in the Temple Department and on the Scriptures Committee.

Elder Duncan received a bachelor’s degree in accounting, a master’s degree in taxation, and a juris doctor from Brigham Young University in 1991. He began his career as a tax attorney in Seattle, Washington. In 1996 he founded CaseData Corporation, from which he retired in 2005.

Elder Duncan has served in a number of Church callings, including full-time missionary in Chile, temple ordinance worker, Church-service missionary as the associate international legal counsel in South America, president of the Chile Santiago North Mission, Area Seventy, and president of the Central America Area.

Kevin Read Duncan was born in Ogden, Utah, on October 6, 1960.

Sister Nancy Smart Duncan was born and raised in Bountiful, Utah. She is the daughter of Grant and Lucille Smart. Sister Duncan graduated with a degree in graphic design from Utah Technical College in Salt Lake City and studied English at Brigham Young University. She worked in the Graphic Design Department of the Church and in the advertising industry prior to her marriage to Elder Duncan. Elder Duncan’s first wife, Wendy Wallentine, died in 1984 leaving Elder Duncan and a seven-month-old daughter, Aubrey.

Elder and Sister Duncan were married on June 27, 1986, in the Salt Lake Temple. Aubrey was two and a half years old at the time of their marriage. Four other children later joined the family—Steven, Kelly, and twins, Lacey and Lindsey. The Duncan family has lived in Utah, Ohio, Washington, Chile, and Guatemala.

Sister Duncan has served in all the auxiliary organizations of the Church in teaching and leadership roles. In addition to formal callings in the Church, Sister Duncan has a special appreciation and love for temple service.

Sister Duncan’s greatest joy and fulfillment come from the blessings of being a wife, mother, grandmother, and homemaker. She also enjoys learning, teaching, music, film, writing, and reading, especially children’s literature.

Spiritual Preparation

Please respond to the prompt below on the devotional discussion board:

Please use the new "Ordinances Ready" feature in the Family Tree app to find an ancestor's name to take to the temple. Then respond to the following questions from Elder and Sister Duncan:

In conjunction with the invitation to download and become familiar with the "Ordinances Ready" feature in the Family Tree app, what relative were you able to identify that still needed temple ordinances performed? What did you feel as you found an ancestor that needed your help to progress towards exaltation?