Enid Davis

Enid Davis

Former Assistant Matron, Idaho Falls Idaho Temple

Enid was born on December 1, 1929, in Alberta, Canada, to LaCarry Purnell and Kirkham Lawrence Lee. She was the oldest of six children. Enid spent most of her youth growing up in a home across the street from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints temple in Cardston. Life revolved around the temple in this town, and her father and mother loved talking and discussing the scriptures with their family around the dinner table. During her teen years, Enid’s father challenged her to memorize the chapter headings in the Book of Mormon, and she did. At age 16, she was in a serious car accident. It was questionable if she would ever walk again, due to a crushed ankle, but medical help cobbled it together and her mother massaged it for hours on end until Enid was blessed to walk again. She attended the University of Alberta in Edmonton, and she taught home economics before choosing to serve a mission for the Church. 

She served in the Texas Louisiana Mission. While there, a young Texas A&M graduate student, Harold W. Davis, noticed this pretty sister missionary and asked if he may write her. With the permission of her mission president, Enid was encouraged to not only write Harold, but to meet his family after her release to see if their mutual interest grew. It did. A proposal was made, and their future started. They were married on January 29, 1953, in the Cardston temple.

Harold was an electrical engineer. After a few transfers around the country, and three children, they took a job in Idaho Falls with the Atomic Energy Commission. Professional and business opportunities with Electrical Wholesale Supply allowed Enid and Harold to become permanent Idaho Falls residents, sinking their roots deep in church, community and political opportunities.

Being a mother was one of Enid’s greatest joys. Ultimately, she and Harold became parents of eight children, as well as foster parents under the Church’s Indian Student Placement Program. In 1999, Enid was honored as Idaho’s Mother of the Year by American Mothers.

Enid loved and believed in people, wisely influencing many for good. She furthered that belief as she served in many callings in the Church and assisted with adoptions at the Church’s Family Services. She worked tirelessly in the area of adoptions not only in Idaho but also in Eastern Europe. She has touched countless lives. 

Still, Enid felt inspired to do more. She returned to university studies at Idaho State University earning a master’s degree in counseling and dual doctorates in education and counseling. She worked many years with Idaho Falls Family Services as a clinical practitioner. She enjoyed accreditations as a licensed clinical professional counselor, licensed social worker, and national certified counselor, all of which were current at her passing. She also taught master’s students at Brigham Young University.

Enid and Harold served humanitarian Church missions as a senior couple both in Romania and the Philippines. They also served three years in the Idaho Falls Temple Presidency with President John Groberg and Jean Groberg.