Kyoung DaBell

Kyoung DaBell

Art Gallery Curator

Kyoung DaBell is the curator of the Spori Art Gallery at BYU-Idaho. She received an Associate of Arts from Ricks College, a Bachelor of Fine Arts from BYU-Idaho, and a Masters in Arts Administration from Colorado State University.

She was born in Korea and joined the Church at age 17, then served a full-time mission in the Seoul Korea Mission before moving to the United States for school.

She is married to Ryan DaBell, who is a Chemistry faculty member at BYU-Idaho. They have four children, including two sets of twins. She currently serves as the Cub Scout Advancement Chairman in her ward. 

Spiritual Preparation

Pre-devotional Discussion:

On the discussion board, describe an experience where you were touched by “a tender mercy” of the Lord.  How did you come to recognize that this experience was from God?