Max Checketts

Max Checketts

Former BYU-Idaho Academic Vice President

Max Checketts grew up on farms in Utah, Arizona, and Colorado. Upon returning home from the Scotland mission, he went to BYU where he also managed the Church’s regional dairy farm. Prior to graduating from BYU, he met his wife, Donna, in a Home Evening group. They are now the parents of six children and have 23 grandchildren.

Brother Checketts came to teach at Ricks College in the newly created dairy management program in 1982. During his first ten years of teaching he completed his doctorate degree at Utah State University.

In the mid-90s, while serving as a YSA bishop and being elected to the Sugar-Salem school board, he was invited to serve as an Associate Academic Vice President on campus, and was actively engaged in the transition from Ricks College to BYU-Idaho, which he considers one of the greatest blessings of his career.

Brother Checketts served as the Academic Vice President with Presidents David A. Bednar and Kim B. Clark. In 2008 he became the Academic Vice President at BYU-Hawaii. From there, he served as the president of the Australia Sydney North Mission, from which he returned home to Idaho in 2018 and taught for one year in the Religious Education department.

Brother Checketts will begin his service this November as the Rexburg Temple president.

Spiritual Preparation

Please respond to the questions below on the devotional discussion board:

Read the following quote and scripture, then rate yourself as to your maturity using the scale below. 

“Personal conduct is the only true measurement of maturity. Adult classification, when it pertains to behavior, does not come with age, wrinkles, or gray hair. Perhaps it is not too far off the mark to say adult conduct is a process. Mature conduct is generally developed through self-discipline, resilience, and continuing effort” (Elder Marvin J. Ashton, 1987). 

Alma 34:32-33  

  1. Immature- Childish, Selfish 
  1. Toddler- Trying but failing more than succeeding  
  1. Juvenile- Recognize others, but feel you need to be the center of attention 
  1. Young Adult- Willing to serve when asked, find joy in others happiness 
  1. Adult – Find opportunities to serve others, no need to be recognized for service 
  1. Mature- Godlike; Our purpose and Joy is to serve others 

No matter where you find yourself on the scale, what are you doing to get yourself to the next level?