President Michael M. Packer

President Michael M. Packer

President, Rexburg ID Married Student 3rd Stake

I grew up in Rexburg and attended Ricks College, graduating in the Centennial Class in 1988.  My grandfather Clyde Packer coached for Ricks College from 1917 to 1939 and appears in many of the old photographs in the gallery.  My father, Alden Packer, worked as the director of the student health center. 

Following my Ricks College Education, I attended the University of Utah, graduating with a BA in English while doing my pre-medicine coursework.  I then attended the University of Washington, School of Medicine.  My residency in Family Medicine was in Fort Worth, Texas.  I started practicing Family Medicine in Rexburg in 1997 and have loved my career. 

My most important decision was to marry Shannon Hanks.  She is the center of my life and of our home.  We have 4 children, the oldest of which, Laura, leaves tomorrow to start her missionary service in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin mission.  Alden, 17, Christian, 15, and Lincoln, 11, keep our family life entertaining. 

Despite growing up in Southeast Idaho and spending most of my adult life here, there are still many hills to hike and scenes to see.  We enjoy backpacking and camping.  I consider myself a sailor and my family sometimes join me as crew.  But my little sailboat sits idle most of the time.    

I served as a missionary in the Seoul, Korea mission and am currently serving as the president of the Rexburg Idaho Married Student 3rd Stake.  I deeply appreciate the opportunities I've had to serve in the church and associate with some outstanding individuals who have had profound effects on my testimony.