Randall Kempton

Randall Kempton

Music Faculty Member


Randall Kempton was born in Mesa, Arizona, and raised in the southwest United States. He attended Brigham Young University to study theater before serving a full-time mission in Milan, Italy. After his missionary service, he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in university studies with the intention to pursue a medical career. However, he soon returned to his passion in the arts and completed graduate degrees in choral music at BYU and Arizona State University. He has taught choral music at BYU-Idaho since 1999.

Randall met his wife, Jennifer, in his student ward while attending BYU. Together they have nine children and eight grandchildren. Of all the church callings Brother Kempton has held, his favorites have been father and grandfather. 

Spiritual Preparation

Please respond to the question below on the devotional discussion board:

Alma asks us (Alma 5:26): “If ye have felt to sing the song of redeeming love, I would ask, can ye feel so now?”

Social media plays many songs, today—some wholesome, but many that sow disharmony, discord, distrust, and disillusion. If we tune in too frequently to those songs, they may drown out the Song of Redeeming Love that the Holy Ghost sings in a still, small voice, leaving us anxious and fearful about the state of the world.

Respond to one or both of the following:

  • What can you do, or what do you already do intentionally to “tune out” the Songs of Social Dysfunction and “tune in” to the Savior’s Song of Redeeming Love?
  • What does “Singing the Song of Redeeming Love” look like or feel like to you?