Sahar Qumsiyeh

Sahar Qumsiyeh

Mathematics Faculty Member


Sahar Qumsiyeh was born in Jerusalem and grew up in Beit Sahour, a town close to Bethlehem. She is the youngest of six children and the only member of the Church in her family.

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Bethlehem University, Sahar earned a master’s degree from BYU and a PhD from the Middle East Technical University in Turkey, both in statistics. She has taught at various universities in Palestine and worked for four years as a data analyst with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency in Jerusalem. She is also the author of Peace for a Palestinian: One Woman’s Story of Faith Amidst War in the Holy Land.

In addition to serving a mission in London, England in 2014, Sahar has held several callings in the Church, including Relief Society president, Primary president, and Relief Society teacher. She currently serves as a Sunday School teacher in her ward.

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