Scott Gardner

Scott Gardner

Dean of Teacher Preparation


Brother Scott Gardner was born and raised in Nevada. After serving a Spanish-speaking mission in Chicago, he attended BYU where he met and later married Brenda Cluff.

After receiving their bachelor's degrees, they moved to the University of Georgia where they had their first child and Brother Gardner received his master's degree. They then moved to Texas Tech University where their second child was born and Brother Gardner graduated with his PhD in marriage and family therapy. Their third child was born in Brookings, South Dakota where Brother Gardner worked at South Dakota State University for 11 years. They came to BYU-Idaho 10 years ago.

He has served as a bishop and counselor in the stake presidency, and currently has the privilege of working with the deacons in his ward.

Most importantly, he and Brenda are celebrating 30 years of marriage this year.


Spiritual Preparation

Pre-devotional Discussion:

We all have heroes.  On the discussion board, share who your marriage hero is, someone you look to as the type of marriage you want to have and why? Do you believe you will have such a marriage? Why or why not?