Shane Goodwin

Shane Goodwin

Mathematics Faculty Member

Shane Goodwin was born in Evanston, Wyoming and served a full-time mission in Guayaquil, Ecuador. He received a bachelor’s degree in mathematics education from BYU, a master’s in computer science education from the University of Oregon, and many years later, a Ph.D. from the University of Idaho in adult education.

Brother Goodwin taught mathematics, Spanish, and coached for seven years in the public schools before coming to Ricks College over 25 years ago. He helped organize the original Math 108 course, “Mathematical Tools for the Real World.”

Over the years, he has served in a few campus ward bishoprics and high councils, and was recently called as a ward clerk in his home ward. Brother Goodwin and his wife, Gail, have one son, two daughters, and two wonderful grandchildren.

Spiritual Preparation

Please respond to the question below on the devotional discussion board:

In my devotional message I will be discussing the role of external and internal motivators for learning, including the importance of finding connections that ultimately bring us small measures of joy. Please briefly share an experience you have had with either or both of these connections: 

  • The connections we find between two completely different disciplines. Have you ever learned about a principle or skill in one class and then discovered it playing a key role in an entirely different class? 
  • The connections we find in applications outside the classroom. Have you applied a principle or skill learned in a class to a job, family-life setting, or other area beyond the classroom?