President and Sister Eyring

Sister Kelly C. Eyring

Wife of BYU-Idaho President

Sister Eyring graduated from BYU with a bachelor’s degree in English. She has served as a stake Young Women president and Primary president. President and Sister Eyring currently team teach the CTR 6 class in Primary.

President and Sister Eyring are the parents of five children. Their three oldest children are graduates of BYU-Idaho, and their two younger children live at home. They also have three grandchildren.

Spiritual Preparation

Please share your thoughts on the devotional discussion board.

  • If you feel confident that you’ve chosen the right major, please describe how you made that choice.  Also, please pass along your tips for those who are still uncertain about their major.


  • How important is it to have a major that prepares you for the workplace?  Is it possible to achieve that goal while majoring in a subject that doesn’t appear to be job-related?


  • What activities, both in and outside of class, can help you fulfill President Henry B. Eyring’s prophecy of becoming a “natural leader”?