Steve Davis

Steve Davis

Alumni Director


Steve Davis has been employed at BYU-Idaho for the past 32 years and has had management roles in enrollment services, fund-raising, and alumni relations.

He has served as a bishop, high counselor, elder's quorum president, and gospel doctrine teacher. He was a full time missionary in the Philippines. 

Steve and his wife, Cynthia, met at Ricks College and are the parents of six children and have four grandchildren. In all things their faith and children come first.  He also enjoys the great Idaho outdoors, including horseback riding, hiking, and photography. Steve has a passion for teaching students the principles of personal achievement, stress management, and the value of networking. He recently wrote a book on how to manage anxiety from a gospel perspective. 


Spiritual Preparation

Pre-Devotional Discussion:

Please respond to the questions below on the devotional discussion board:

We learn in the Book of Mormon that "we might have joy." (2 Nephi 2:25). In a world that is experiencing an increase in natural disasters, contention, and doubt; how can we find joy and experience peace?