Zeph Quirl

Zeph Quirl

Animal & Food Science Faculty Member

Zeph Quirl is a faculty member in the Animal and Food Science department.

He graduated from Ricks College in 1974 and earned additional degrees from Washington State University. After graduating, he practiced veterinary medicine in Rexburg for 33 years.

He was an adjunct instructor at the college from 1992 through 2012, when he became a full-time faculty member.

Zeph and his wife, Pat, have been happily married for almost 44 years and are the parents of five children and have 20 grandchildren.

He has served in the church in many capacities including as a missionary in Seoul, South Korea.


Spiritual Preparation

Pre-devotional Discussion:

1.     Read the Book of Mormon every day - this is not a devotional assignment, it is a lifetime commitment!
2.     Please share, on the discussion board, about a miracle that you've experienced in your life because you were reading and studying the Book of Mormon on an everyday basis.